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Bomberjackor i herr och dam

Here we have listed all our bomber jackets so you can easily find the jacket jacket that you think is best looking for your needs.

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About the bomber jacket.

Now it is again inside to have this classic jacket that we call bomber jacket. Which is a type of pilot jacket that was used by American fighter pilots with an inner color of orage that one could easily change side in order to more easily be found if the planet had crashed.

Most bomber jackets we sell today have been based on the classic model and have a more modern and stylish look than their predecessor.

With us you can find bomber jackets with both inner lining in orage but also other colors and that they have slightly different outer fabrics and with cuffs of different colors.

The modern bomber jacket in lady model.

Around 2016, the bomber jacket got a modern lift that made it a fashion garment again. It was when it started to be cut down and become a little nicer in the model which made the jacket a perfect jacket to wear for a pair of jeans or why not a dress.

There are many different models, but there is a longer variant of the bomber jacket that has made this an intermediate between a bomber jacket and a parkas. This model became very popular here at Dunken. After that, there came bomber jackets in satin and a lot of different colors and everything to suit the individual.

The modern bomber jackets in men's model.

It also became a great fashion in men's models since the classic jacket is a functional jacket that has been used in war but also here it was scaled down to become a slightly smoother jacket that did not have so much fodder but would sit a little better on the body. However, the extremely puffy MA1 bomber jacket became very popular and is still very much sought after. This is a model that fits best during the winter and has the function such as the classic jacket is with an orange inside and solid details.