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Bucket hat

Bucket hat, fishing hat, sun hat or Beppe hat. A beloved child has many names! Here you will at least find a wide assortment of the hat that has returned to fashion.

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The bucket hat is a hat made entirely of soft fabric, which sets it apart from other more rigid hats. What also distinguishes the hat is its round shape. Here you have a shell-shaped head on the hat and a screen that goes down like a parasol around your head.

The hat is effective when you want to protect your eyes from strong sunlight, but has also become a true trendsetter who had his big bang in the 90s.

Due to the fact that the hat is completely in fabric, modern fabrics with elastane have made the caps now stretchable. It is therefore easier to get the hat to fit on your head, unlike before when the caps were made in pure cotton.

Bucket hat history.

Bucket hat, fishing hat, sun hat or beppe hat after the hat was used extensively by the iconic Beppe Wolgers. Yes a dear child has many names and this hat has really been a dear child through the last decades.

During the late 10's we saw many of the garments that were popular in the 80's and 90's come back. It was bike pants, batik-colored sweaters, the scrunchie or why not the pants with swung leg ends. Another garment that came back was the bucket hat which was very popular in the 90's. Then you could see it on the guys in the Backstreet Boys, Markoolio, Eminem or why not the classic image of Johnny Depp as Hunter S. Thompson in the movie "Fear and loathing in Las Vegas".

The hat clearly had its heyday during the 90's and then disappeared a bit during the 00's. But as previously said, the 90's fashion has come back at the end of the 00's and lives on during the 20's. So, too, has the interest in the bucket hat returned and we are so excited about it!

What does a Bucket hat look like?

As we mentioned earlier, it is classic that the Bucket hat is made entirely of soft fabric and that it has a round head with a circular screen around it. Since the screen is made of fabric, the screen hangs down a bit like an umbrella.

The hat's other design may vary slightly depending on what the hat is intended to be used for. Hats that should function as an accessory sometimes have a slightly smaller screen, since the real purpose is not to protect from the sun but instead to look good.

However, hats that are intended to be used for example fishing or the like have a slightly larger screen to protect against sun and rain. These hats are often fitted with laces that allow the hat to be tucked under the chin or to have the hat on the back with the lacing around the neck.

Another detail that the bucket hat often has is the vent holes with metal rings around the side. These can also be found on other hats but also on the bucket hat.

Today, there are also straw hats and the like that are inspired by the bucket hat's design and these are common to look at women's hats for protection from the sun.