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Explore our wide range of hats for all occasions at Oddsailor.com.

From elegant fedoras to practical rain hats and adventurous hiking hats.

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We are your online hat shop!

Hats may not be the range that we at Oddsailor.com are best known for. But did you know that in recent years the hat range has been one of our absolute most popular ranges during the summer months? On second thought, how would you know?

But that's how it is anyway, and when you flip through the pages of hats, it's not hard to understand why. We really feel that we have managed to build a range of hats so that there is something for everyone here.

Our goal has been to be the perfect store to find, among other things, different types of hats for different occasions. A product like that which can be difficult to find in physical trade around our long country. We will continue to work on replenishing the range with new cool and stylish hats, but we feel that we have come a long way towards our goal.

Hope you like it and find the hat you're looking for!

Explore the History and Heritage of Hats

Hats have been a central part of human attire for thousands of years, from the conical straw hats of the ancient Greeks to today's modern designs. The evolution of the hat reflects not only changes in fashion but also its functional value for protection against the elements and as a symbol of status and style. At Oddsailor.com, we offer hats that combine historic charm with modern functionality.

Discover Our Wide Range of Hats

Whether you're looking for protection from the sun on a hike, elegance for a formal outfit, or a practical solution for a rainy day, Oddsailor.com has hats for every occasion and style:

Straw hats: Perfect for sunny days.
Hiking hats: Rugged and ready for adventure. Hats that protect against strong UV radiation and rain.
Bucket Hats: Trendy and versatile for everyday wear.
Fishing hats: Optimal for long days at the water.
Boonie Hats: Ideal for the wilderness.
Fedora Hats: Timeless and sophisticated.
Rain hats: Protect yourself from storms in style.

Find a hat that protects against the sun

When buying a hat that will not only shade your face, but also provide you with UV protection, it is important to consider several factors to ensure effective protection against the sun's harmful rays.

Here are some important points to consider:

Materials: Choose hats made from materials that naturally block UV rays. Materials such as tightly woven fabric, thick straw and specially treated fabrics are effective in reducing UV penetration. Some hats are specifically marked with a UV protection factor (UPF), which indicates how much UV radiation the fabric blocks.

Width of the brim: A wider brim provides better protection for the face, ears and neck. Ideally, the brim should be at least 7.5 centimeters wide to provide adequate protection from the sun.

Color: Darker colors tend to absorb UV rays more effectively than lighter colors, which can offer better sun protection. This is because darker fabrics have a higher UV absorption capacity.

Style and fit: Choose a hat style that covers all exposed areas well. Hats with a rounded dome and wide brims, such as panama hats or wide-brimmed sun hats, are often more effective than smaller hats such as baseball caps in protecting from the sun.

Certification and Labeling: Look for hats that have a UPF label. UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor and ratings such as UPF 50 mean that only 1/50th of the sun's UV rays reach the skin.

By keeping these points in mind when choosing a hat, you can help protect yourself from the sun's rays effectively while maintaining style and comfort.

The advantages of buying your hat from us

Our goal is that when you shop with us, you are shopping for more than just a hat.

You get an overall experience and security that includes:

Dedicated Customer Service: Fast and helpful responses via email.
Free Shipping: On all orders over SEK 800.
Open Purchase: Minimum 30 days open purchase and 90 days for members of our free customer club.
Exclusive Offers: As a member of our customer club.
Reliable Service: We have served customers online since 2003 from our warehouse in Sölvesborg. Here you get the security of shopping from a Swedish store.

Our Customers' Safety and Satisfaction is Our Priority

Our long experience and dedication to quality ensure that each hat is not just a product, but part of a larger passion for our products and the functionality they bring.

Explore our range and find your perfect hat today!