Here you will find our range of different types of hats. Here you will find everything from classic sun hats to straw hats with a real cowboy look.

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The hat is one of our most classic headgear and has over time got extremely different shapes and looks. Other headgear like hats and caps change a lot in their appearance between different models, but no headgear changes as much as the hats have done.

The hat has been used on many different occasions and purposes through its long history. It is a practical garment that keeps the sun away from the eyes, an elegant headgear along with a coat or protection against rain.

Buying a hat online can sometimes be difficult as the perimeter of different heads can vary considerably. Modern hats today often have a rubber band on the inside of the hat that attaches the hat around your head, much like a flexfit cap.

The history of the hat to this day.

The hat from the beginning was a stiff headgear that was mainly used to protect against the sun, cold and rain. When you think of the history of the hat, it is often stuck in classic pictures of stately men of the 19th century, large women's hats in the 18th century or the feathered hats of the 17th century that we can associate with pirates and musketeers.

But the fact is that the first image of a hat can be found on a tomb painting in ancient Greece. This was done over 2000 years ago. Then it was a conical straw hat that was depicted in the painting.

In the Middle Ages, the hat took on a more significant role as it began to mark social status and also began to be used to recognize certain groups. The Jews began to wear the first variants of Kippa, which was usually yellow. The women's headgear varied during the Middle Ages, but when it was considered that a married woman would not show her hair, scarves and hats became more common.