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At OddSailor.com you will find a great bunch of trucker caps in different models. Here you can find from trucker caps with print, without print, with patterns, simple colors, with a neat screen or with a flat screen. The common denominator all trucker caps have is the airy back with mesh fabric.

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Is the trucker cap immortal?

Although the guys in the hip hop duo Snook in the song Mister Cool tried to urge their audience to take off their trucker cap, the caps have not yet left. The cap has its name since it was often used by American truck manufacturers in the past. The reason truckers had the caps was that they began to be produced as advertisements for vehicle and agricultural brands during the 1970s and 1980s. These caps were widely distributed among vehicle fanatics where not surprisingly many truck manufacturers belonged.

The truck driver has gone through many phases since then and has among other things had a significant upturn in the trend during the early 2000s. Then you could see the caps in everything from markets to branded stores for young people.

What makes the caps appreciated and useful is, among other things, that the caps' designs often make them very print friendly. The large and wide surface of the cap's front panel makes it easy to get out big clear logos or funny texts on the caps.

What else separates the trucker from other hats?

What mainly makes you recognize the cap is the net fabric that most of the cap consists of and then mainly at the back. So unlike, for example, the flexfit caps, which are completely covered in fabric, the trucker coat usually has only one front panel in fabric and otherwise a net. The net provides really nice conditioning to the head and prevents sweat and other things from closing in towards the head.

It is also not uncommon for trucker caps to be made with large logos in the front or even funny texts. After all, it was as a promotional gadget that the cap got its big breakthrough.

The caps are manufactured with both curved and flat screen, but the caps are often adjustable in size at the back just like snapback caps.