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Underwear & boxershorts

Här hittar du roliga kalsonger, boxershorts och övriga underkläder i herrmodell.

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Our fun underpants.

We have always tried to find the most fun prints and here you have everyone who is on underwear or boxer shorts that you can call it. We have had a large assortment of underwear with print that you can see above, so this is still the case today.

All underwear with print has a longer model on the legs and is completely black in both the elastic and the fabric.

Underwear & boxer shorts with fun print.

Here we all have our underpants and boxer shorts that you can see. All of our boxer shorts are really good
good quality and wonderfully comfortable. Then with the funny prints we have, it does
they have become really popular and can have a great laugh if you dare to show your

Make something fun of your underpants.

It is perhaps not the garment that you usually show but if you often hang it you can squeeze in with each fan I have my pants or for you who often run around only in the calls at home so it works equally well. It often gives a good laugh to those who manage to see it.

We also have a lot of boxer shorts with some six spex texts on and why not show up the first time you are with a girl. There are many times it can fit really well with some funny texts on your calling. So take this opportunity and order a couple of really fun underpants.

Find our cool underpants.

We not only have fun underwear here but we also have a lot of cool underwear that you can see with our Motörhead underpants and a little bit more neat. So, not all boxer shorts are blinded with print, but check out so you can see all other stylish boxer shorts as well.

Underwear with own print.

Unfortunately, today we do not have the opportunity to print underpants after ordering so until then you can endure. We do not really know what time will expire but we work it.

Are you looking for Boxershorts with fun prints and similar products. Everything we have at Oddsailor is within hard rock fashion, rock decoration and the like.
You will find lots of clothes that have their very own cool style only here at Dunken.se.
In the menu at the top left you will find more cool products.