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Teddy jackets men

Here you will find the net's most stylish collection of men's jackets in teddy fleece, where each garment is designed to offer both style, function and luxurious comfort.

Available in a range of colors and styles, our range of men's teddy jackets are perfect for keeping you warm and stylish on chilly days.

Explore our range to find the perfect teddy jacket that combines functionality with a modern feel.

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Buy Teddy Jacket Men Online

Welcome to our cozy and stylish collection of teddy jackets for men. Here you will find everything from luxurious teddy-lined jackets with wind- and water-resistant shells to trendy models with teddy fleece on the outside that transform your entire style into cozy and huggable.

Our teddy jackets combine style with comfort and functionality, ideal for cold days or as a detail that adds style to your spring and autumn look. Teddy jackets have really gotten a real boost and today are available in everything from full zip, half zip to pure teddy vests.

Here there are teddy jackets for those who want a teddy jacket to snuggle up in when you go out on the town to those who want a suitably warm jacket to put on when you go out and chop wood.

What is Teddy Fleece?

Teddy fleece is a material characterized by its extremely soft and fluffy texture that imitates the fur of a teddy bear. This material is not only aesthetically pleasing but also very warming, making it a popular choice for autumn, spring and winter wear. Teddy fleece is used both as a warm lining in jackets and as the main outer material to give a cozy and inviting feel.

As a shell, it is functional as it warms and insulates, while also breathing.

Teddy fleece on the outside or as a lining

Jackets with teddy fleece can vary greatly in design. Some jackets have teddy fleece as an outer layer, giving a unique and eye-catching look, while other jackets use the material as a soft and insulating lining. Both styles offer excellent warmth and comfort but cater to different aesthetic and functional needs. We discuss the benefits of both types to help you choose the one that best suits your needs and lifestyle.

Find the Right Size in the Teddy Jacket

Choosing the right size for your teddy jacket is critical to maximizing comfort and style. A jacket that is too big can look bulky and unwieldy, while a jacket that is too small can restrict movement and not provide enough warmth.

We guide you through the process of measuring and choosing the right size, with tips on how to interpret size charts and what to keep in mind when trying on teddy jackets.

As we sell teddy jackets from different manufacturers and in different models, the measurements may vary slightly between the different jackets. Therefore, we try to update each individual product with a more accurate size guide for that particular product.

If you are missing a size guide for one of our jackets, you are more than happy to contact our customer service, and our talented employees will immediately solve it.

Styling tips for Teddy jackets

How to combine these versatile jackets with other garments for a stylish look.

Teddy jackets are a great addition to any wardrobe thanks to their versatility and trendy look. Here are some tips for creating stylish combinations with your teddy jacket:

  • Casual Chic: For a casual yet chic look, pair your teddy jacket with a simple white t-shirt and a pair of well-worn jeans. Complete the outfit with white sneakers for a fresh yet comfortable style.
  • Office ready: Despite its casual nature, a teddy jacket can also be dressed up for a more formal setting. Pair it with a shirt collar underneath and a pair of dark chinos for an office-friendly ensemble. Add leather shoes to elevate the style even further.
  • Layer on Layer: A teddy jacket is perfect for layer-on-layer styles on cooler days. Start with a polo shirt, add a thin down vest under the jacket for extra warmth and style. It is also possible to combine, for example, a vest or similar on top of the teddy jacket, to provide stronger wind protection against the body.
  • Stylish and Simple: For a minimalist look, choose a teddy jacket in a neutral color like black or gray and combine with clothes in similar tones. A pair of black jeans and a matching black rollneck make for a sophisticated yet simple style.
  • Urban Adventure: Teddy jackets work great for an urban, street-style look. Combine your jacket with cargo pants and sturdy boots for an outfit that's both tough and practical.

Maintenance and care of Teddy fleece

Caring for your teddy jacket properly will ensure it stays soft, fluffy and beautiful for longer. Here are some tips for effective care and maintenance:

  • Washing advice: Always check the washing instructions on the label. Teddy fleece should usually be washed in cold water on a gentle cycle to avoid damaging the fibers. Use mild detergents intended for delicate fabrics.
  • Drying: Avoid drying teddy jackets in the dryer unless the label specifically allows it. High heat can cause the fleece to harden and lose its fluffiness. Instead, let the jacket air dry hanging on a clothes hanger.
  • Brush up the dart: After washing, the dart (the fluffy surface) of teddy fleece can sometimes feel a bit flat. Use a soft brush to gently brush the surface and restore its original soft and fluffy texture.
  • Store correctly: When the teddy jacket is not in use, store it on a wide, well-shaped hanger to avoid wrinkles and to keep its shape intact. Avoid compressing the jacket under heavy objects as this can flatten and damage the fleece material.
  • Deal with stains immediately: If your teddy jacket does get a stain, treat the stain immediately with a stain remover designed for delicate fabrics. Dab the stain remover with a soft cloth instead of rubbing, which can damage the fibers.

By following these style and care tips, you can enjoy your teddy jacket season after season, and always look both trendy and well-dressed. Remember that we can never take responsibility for how you handle the jacket, although we are happy to help you with advice and tips to facilitate the use of the garment.