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Black Friday och Black Week

Welcome to our Black Friday or perhaps rather Black Week category. Here you will find all our stylish and practical products that have a reduced price during this period.

Here you will find offers throughout the week and it will change every day. So keep an eye on this category every day throughout the week.

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Black Friday - Black Week SALE at OddSailor.com

Here we have collected our best offers that are on the page during Black Friday and Black Week. We have tried to find the best products and give you the absolute best price we can offer. There are many different offers and we have collected them for women, men, children and for the home, this to make it a little easier for you to see what we have to offer.

But when you are in shopping, do not miss all the other really good products that we have all over the site.

In our range both at regular prices and in our campaigns during Black Week and Black Friday, you will find jackets, hoodies, training clothes, T-shirts, toys, furnishings and more. We think we have a wide range with something for everyone.

When is Black Friday 2023?

Black Friday 2023 falls on Friday, November 24th.

Black Friday is always the last Friday in November every year and the year is only November 25th. Just Black Friday only lasts for 24 hours, although you can use stores to make the whole event a week-long stunt of price reductions. But the event is always expected to culminate on Friday and then enter what is now called Black Weekend and then end with the classic Cyber ​​Monday.

When is Black Week 2023?

Black Week falls on week 47. Between dates 21-27 November.

Black Week is an extension of Black Friday where they have chosen to let the campaigns run throughout the week instead of only on Friday. Black Week thus begins on Monday the same week as Black Friday falls. It is also common to call the weekdays Monday - Thursday for Black Week, Friday for Black Friday and the holidays for Black Weekend. Many stores leave the same offer throughout the week while others exchange the promotions for the different days and periods.
About our Black Week offers.

We also have large parts of our Black Friday range at a promotional price throughout the week. But absolutely most offers can be found during Black Friday.

Black Friday on clothes

Yes, here with us you can find a very large selection of clothes where you can find during the Black Friday period at really good prices. Above all, there are those that are outgoing products. But hopefully you will find your size among these. Then the price can go as low as 70% or even lower.

Black Friday in the world

Black Friday is originally an American phenomenon and falls on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving nowadays always falls on the fourth Thursday in November, which means that Black Friday always falls on the fourth Friday in November. This grandiose SALE is without a doubt the most active trading day in the United States and in some places that gives total chaos in the physical trade, which literally becomes physical sometimes.

For a long time, the mid-day sale has been seen as Sweden's equivalent of Black Friday, which is then after Christmas. But along with globalization, Black Friday as a phenomenon has also spread throughout Europe. In Sweden, we have now embraced this tradition, even though it is met with skepticism from both consumers and retailers.

Even though Black Friday is a relatively new phenomenon in Sweden and there are many skeptics on Swedish soil, it is still a fact that turnover in trade increases every year. Nowadays, Black Friday and especially Black Week is seen as the big start for Christmas shopping in Sweden.

After several years with Black Friday and Black Week, one fact is certain. Both phenomena have come to Sweden to stay. It is a new tradition that both trade and consumers will have to live with or find if they are positive or skeptical of the phenomena.

What does Black Friday mean?

Black Friday falls on the Friday after the American holiday of Thanksgiving and is seen as the first day of Christmas shopping. The reason why the tradition has been named Black Friday is debated. There are those who claim that Black Friday got its name when sales go up so much that red numbers become black in the trade. That is, that you manage to turn a negative result into a positive one this Friday.

Another explanation that is a little darker is that the two investments Jay Gould and Jim Fisk in 1869 pushed up the price of gold so much that it caused and collapsed on the stock market. The stock market fell 20% on foreign trade stopped. Farmers suffered a 50% price drop on their wheat and maize crops. This happened during this classic Friday and "black" is then a name that should describe the catastrophe and accident that it meant after the event of 1869.

Another explanation for the name Black Friday is that the term first began to be used by the Philadelphia police in the 1950s. On Thursday it was Thanksgiving and on Saturday the "Army-Navy" match was played in American football. These two events attracted extreme crowds of tourists to the city of Philadelphia and on Friday, which many then had free in the city, many people went out to shop. This meant that on Friday the police in the city offered large crowds, more robbers, pickpockets and more. This means overtime and stressful for the police, which gave them reason to call the day "Black Friday".

As I said, there is a constant debate about which of all the reasons for the name Black Friday is closest to the truth and these are certainly just three of all the different explanations.

What is Cyber ​​Monday?

When physical commerce has had Black Friday, e-commerce has had Cyber ​​Monday. Cyber ​​Monday is the first Monday after the American holiday of Thanksgiving. The day is created by retailers to encourage online bargains for Christmas.

Cyber ​​Monday is considered to be the biggest day of the year for e-commerce, even though Black Friday's entry into the Swedish market has meant that many people start shopping online on the Friday before instead.

For many years, Cyber ​​Monday was considered the starting point for Christmas shopping online. Something we can now see that the week before Cyber ​​Monday has taken over. Nowadays, Cyber ​​Monday is the end of this period of promotions.

Cyber ​​Monday at OddSailor.com

Cyber ​​Monday was originally e-commerce's own day and Black Friday belonged to the physical trade. But as the boundaries between distance and physical trade have become increasingly blurred, traditions have merged.

Like the pure online store that we are on oddsailor.com, Cyber ​​Monday is at least as close to our hearts as Friday's event. For us, it is the day where we tie the sack together and adjust to be able to deliver as efficiently as possible all the way until Christmas.

Even though Cyber ​​Monday is not quite as well known as Black Friday, it is a day to keep track of. The offers start to appear already at the beginning of the week before and then reach their peak on Friday. If you want a chance to take advantage of offers before the products run out of stock, you should therefore keep track early during the period.

But during Cyber ​​Monday, it is our last chance to sell what is going to go away or push the last thing we have as a goal. There is therefore a chance that we will strengthen our campaigns and for you to make real bargains during the last day of the SALE.

You will also find Cyber ​​Monday offers on this page.

But keep in mind that offers will vary every day so not everything may be left until Monday.