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Her finder du produkter i klassisk skovcamo.

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Woodland - our most classic camouflage?

Woodland is an American camouflage pattern that came into use in 1981 and is still used by the United States Armed Forces. It is a four-color irregular camouflage with the colors sand, brown, green and black.

Since its inception, Woodland has started to be used around the world and is today included in the military uniforms in Argentina, Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Chile, China, Croatia, Honduas, Iraq and Isral to name just a few.

Woodland in the Civil.

Since the camouflage was developed in the early 1980s, much woodland equipment has been sold as surplus around the world. The camouflage has then been used in the civilian industry and since then many clothing manufacturers have also chosen to pick up their own collections in camouflage similar to woodland.

Today, camouflage clothing has become modern and woodland is then the most used camouflage.

We can still say that woodland is our most traditional camouflage.