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Here you will find all our camouflage clothes.

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Camouflage clothes.

A fashion that has become very popular and increasingly camouflage clothing is made in fashion. Here you will find everything from bomber jackets to leggings or tops in nice camouflage.

It is not only the traditional colors used now more but also as red and pink to get a more beautiful look at women's clothes. There are also many where we have the print in camouflage instead of the whole garment and thus produced a print with a skull or why not camouflage with skulls in the lovely pattern. Here the possibilities are endless but of course we also have the classic camo colors.

Military Camouflage.

It became common for the millitarian to use camouflage during the First World War. The technology and the benefits were already tested but only got its major breakthrough. It had an aim to make their own devices and the facilities difficult to detect.

Then most of the colors used were dark green in woodland and beige in the desert and white / gray in snowy terrain.