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Airsoft kläder

Here you will find all our clothes that we think fit in the practice of the various games in the sport Airsoft. Here you will find everything from pants, overalls, jackets, shirts, t-shirts, sweaters and more.

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Realistic military clothes make the game.

If you are already familiar with the sport of airsoft, then you probably know that a player places a lot of weight on his equipment. It is not just about protective equipment to protect sensitive parts of the body, but also about how you are dressed.

The AirSoft is trying to recreate realistic environments for military or police situations and players' clothing is therefore important. Both in appearance and functionality.

That is why we have put together the clothes we offer and which we believe can help you get a nice piece of equipment when it comes to your clothes.

Airoft clothing for all seasons.

Just as military and police efforts happen year-round, the sport of airsoft can be practiced year-round. This builds up the possibilities for new changed environments, but it also requires that the clothes be adapted both in appearance and functionality.

We therefore offer a wide range of clothing with everything from camouflage linen to thicker winter jackets.

However, what you should keep in mind when choosing clothes for practicing airsoft is that thicker clothing can increase the risk of misunderstanding at hit. You simply do not feel a hit as well when a jacket has thick lining.

Therefore, make sure that you can build on stock if really needed. Also, be sure to choose a camouflage that is tailored to the season when the garment is intended to be used. Woodland with its sharp green colors, for example, is not the most suitable for camouflaging you in snow.