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Here we have collected all our products that fit into the category Airsoft. We may not be the store you associate with clothes for airsoft, but with a wide range of military clothing and tactical equipment we have a really good range for the purpose.

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What is airsoft.

Airsoft weapon is a hybrid between air rifle and paintball. Unlike the paintball, Airsoft is often direct replicas on real weapon models and instead of color bullets you shoot plastic bullets. Previously, airsoft went by the name Soft Air Gun.

Airsoft has also become the collective name for the sport practiced with airsoft guns. Common types of games are Milsim (Military simulation) and CQB (Close quarter battler). The first mimics military operations and then often in a forest environment, the latter is mended more like a police operation in a more developed environment.

Equipment for airsoft.

To recreate a realistic environment of a military or police operation, a lot of equipment is needed. Practitioners of the sport attach great importance to their weapons, but the equipment is also important in airsoft. Here you want to recreate a real-world environment of, for example, a military battle and then it is important that players have the equipment that military uses with the functionality that this equipment has.

Therefore, we have now put together all our products that we see as potential equipment for airsoft. Here you will find from backpacks, t-shirts, jackets, pants, boots and Palestinian scarves and more.