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One of the world's most beloved and acclaimed rock singers should obviously have their own wide assortment with us at OddSailor.com.

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We have a wide range of official merchandise paying tribute to "The King". Elvis Presley's records have sold in more than 1 billion copies throughout our world and it is therefore not surprising that there is a demand for his merchandise.

Here you can find Elvis Presley T-shirts, Elvis Presley hoodies or why not coffee mug with Elvis.

In our selection of products with Elvis Presley, we have tried to capture the classic images of Elvis Presley but on garments and other products that are modern today.

Elvis Presley's life

Elvis was, as we all know, an American rock singer and later also an actor. Elvis's grandeur is difficult to describe in words and he is considered to be one of the most prominent entertainers of the 20th century.

However, his sales statistics show how big he actually was, as he is the artist who sold the most record labels of all time.

Elvis was born in the city of Tupelo in American Mississippi. Elvis was the only child when his twin brother Jesse died at birth. When Elvis was 11, he wanted a rifle or a bicycle for a birthday present, but instead he got a guitar. In the coming year, he began taking guitar lessons from his uncle Vester.

Elvis's family was very religious and he often sang in a gospel choir. There he received from the priest, much praise for his talent.

When Elvis was around 18 he got a job as a truck driver and at the same time he started studying for an electrician. He often drove past the Memphis Recording Service where the Sun Records location was also located.

One day they had put up a sign with the text "Recording of record for $ 4". Elvis gathered courage and went into the studio where he paid $ 4 to record a record.

He recorded a record containing two songs, which he stated was a birthday present for his mother. Rather, it is believed that it was a deliberate attempt to have his voice heard.

Elvis made a return visit to the studio in 1954 and the owner Sam Philips then received tips on the young Elvis. Sam Philips liked what he heard and gave Presley the chance to record a single with bassist Bill Black.

Elvis's career had now begun to roll.

Elvis Presley's death

Elvis's career went very fast and he had problems with the abuse of, among other things, prescription tablets. These tablets slowly broke him down.

Up until his death, Elvis performed all over the United States and he had a tour that would start on August 17, 1977.

But the day before the tour started, Elvis was found lifeless on the bathroom floor in Graceland. Resuscitation attempts failed and he was pronounced dead at 15:30 on August 16, 1977.

The cause of death was a heart failure.