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Plus size tops

Here you will find all our plus size tops.

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Plus size tops.

Here you will find all our stylish and rocky tops in larger sizes. We always look for clothes that also go in larger sizes because we know it can be difficult to find stylish or rocky fashion in sizes over XXL. We want to change this. It should be accessible to everyone.

As you can see above, here we have collected everything from rockabilly, rock but also streetwear.

Stylish tops in big sizes.

At Dunken.se we don't think the style should be changed just because the sizes are going up. Unfortunately, however, many clothing manufacturers choose to have separate collections in plus size, which means that the entire versions of the garments change in the garments that go up in size. Garments that often do not at all have the same stylish and stylish look as the ones you chose to make in the smaller sizes.

We think this is so wrong and that is why we are constantly on the hunt for garments that go up in "plus size" in the same model as other sizes. That is, the garments are available from XS-S up to XXL, 3XL, 4XL and 5XL.

Our constant pursuit of these garments has started to show results and we can now present a whole bunch of rubbish tops in plus size. Here you will find everything from stylish simple tops to rocky tops with print.

Although we are very pleased to be able to offer this, we have not relaxed. We continue to hunt and this is one of the product categories that will continue to grow at a steady rate. We have just started our range of stylish top pairs in large sizes.

Rocktops in plus size.

When you think of rocky tops, it's easy to get stuck in your head on black tops with band logos on. But tops are available with so many delicious details that make them both stylish yet rocky in the look. Much is about what you combine the top with.

Take for example a black top with a nice lace together with a pair of black jeans and you have a dark rocky look. Combine it instead with a pair of blue jeans and the top is suddenly not rocky but instead elegant casual.

This allows you to use the peaks for many different styles as well as occasions.