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Women's T-shirt.

Yes, what's the difference between these t-shirts and other t-shirts. Then we have women's shirts in this category at Dunken. The big difference is how it is sewn but also a little smaller in size if compared to a gentleman or unisex t-shirt.

Then this t-shirt is more adapted to following the female shapes on the body.
Difference between a top and a ladies t-shirt.

This is where it starts to get a bit more difficult what really are the big differences why it's called t-shirt and not a top. What separates the t-shirt from the top is the collar itself. It's more fun on a ladies shirt if compared to a top. Since it is often on the tops, one is right at the collar.

Most of the t-shirts we have on the side are in a regular model that can look like more but even the difference is that it's better sewn for ladies.
T-shirt with wide collar in lady.

Yes, there are also t-shirts with a little further collar even in ladies without the need for it to be called top. Like men's t-shirts, this is available here, but it's often the name the supplier has on their garments and we try to follow as much as possible :)

We hope we do not mix it up too much for you, but of course, just check all our tops. ¨