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Training Tops

Here you will find all our really nice workout tops and sports bra.

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Training tops.

Above, we have gathered all our training peaks. It is, however, a name that is perhaps a bit confusing as it is not really a top but a kind of bra which is specially designed for you to be able to work out without any hassles and that it holds the bust in place in a different way than a regular bra and it is also much more comfortable than a regular bra. Some call themselves sports bra and other training tops but in fact it is the same kind of product.
Today's training peak is quite different from what it started to be when it was only a bra at first, which you might not like to train in without a sweater. Now more and above all our ones that you find here on the site have nice patterns that are designed to not wear anything above if you do not want to, as we have many who have exactly the same nice pattern as the training tights. So it gives you a little more freedom that you can make your own choices.

Ladies workout linen.

We have here, in the same way as the tops, often a linen that is really neat to combine with your workout tights or why not wear it during the beginning of the workout and then maybe only have the top when you have the heat up a bit.
The choice is entirely yours but the features are here so you can choose exactly how you choose to wear your workout clothes.
The material on both the training linen and the training tops are made of functional material so that they carry the moisture out instead of locking it in. Which makes it much more comfortable to carry and the risk of eczema or the like decreases. You see more about each product what is special about that particular garment.