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Soft shorts for women

Here we have gathered our range of women's shorts made of a slightly softer material. However, the materials can differ when it comes to soft shorts and therefore the style also differs considerably. We have soft women's shorts that are made of cotton fabric and which therefore resemble soft pants with their comfortable and relaxed style. But then we also have soft shorts that are made of nice, elegant and deliciously patterned viscose or polyester fabric. These have a bit of an elegant look.

So there are soft shorts for all occasions. You have comfortable soft shorts for quiet moments when you want something comfortable and relaxed. Then there are also nice patterned soft women's shorts in fine fabrics that work well even at summer festivities.

Soft shorts for both calm and more active occasions

As the headline says, soft shorts are a garment that does well both on calm and a little more active occasions. When you want to take it easy and just soften up, it's nice to put on a pair of slightly softer shorts. However, the same also applies when you want to train or the like, then you also want a soft garment that you can move easily in.

The soft shorts are thus perfect garments for both lazy and active days.