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Winter jackets lady

Is it time for a new winter jacket, because it is needed or maybe just because you want something to vary with? Then Dunken.se is your right choice. For the vast majority of people living in northern or colder climates, proper winter jackets are needed that protect against cold, rain and wind during the cold winter months. Much has happened since winter clothes were only fur and wool. There are of course also today, also in our range, but above all there is a huge amount of jackets in smart and high-tech materials. Something you can of course find here with us at Dunken.se, jackets that are functional, stylish and affordable.

Winter jackets and its most important functions

The first step to finding the perfect garment for you is to probe what kind of jacket you want and what features. Whether you want a sportier short model or a longer coat, you will need a jacket that will keep you warm even when there are a number of freezing temperatures. Of course you will find it with us.

Buying a winter jacket that can protect against wetness is more important than you think, and it's not just about protecting against rain. Keep in mind that the rainfall can often come as snow or snowshoes. Snow tends to melt on your jacket, especially if you go in and out of shops where it is warm. If you do not have a waterproof material, it will be snowy to penetrate the jacket, no matter how thick it is. How many have not obtained expensive, nice down jackets to then discover that the top layer has not been waterproof and thus the jacket has been pierced and heavy at snowfall.

    The material is A and O for a functional jacket

    Water protection is important even in the case of snowfall

Find the right style for winter jackets

When you scroll through our range you will find a variety of designs on winter jackets. It's all from lined jeans jackets to long lined race models. The models we have really fit all styles and ages. If you are looking for an elegant coat with attitude why not choose a bright red model with fur details or a long puff cap with hood. Great if you like to wear a skirt because it warms more on the legs. If you would rather go to the tougher track, everything from camouflage colored jackets to parkas models with leather sleeves. Of course, how lined you want it depends on how much you stay outdoors. If you just walk between the home and the car or the bus, a short tough jacket can be quite enough, but if you like to take long walks in the snow, you might rather invest in a sportier model that breathes.

The color choice is of course personal and most people choose neutral and classic colors such as black, brown or beige. Here is the opportunity to really make an impression, namely if you would venture into something colorful and sparkling in bright red, camouflage or winter white. Or why not choose a powder pink jacket or plaid in black and red.

Practical aspects with our winter jackets

Many of our winter jackets come with a hood and it is of course with a rear view. With a hood on the jacket or jacket you do not need to push down a cap over your head to be warm. Here you can just pull over the hood and you are protected from rain, snow and wind. A hood also protects the neck. If you would rather have a hoodie under the jacket, there are of course models without hood.

Whether you are looking for practical winter jackets for wilderness adventures or if you want an elegant coat to wear over the office clothes, pockets are important. Few things are as annoying as missing pockets to put the mobile or keys. Another aspect to consider when choosing your next winter jacket is the button closure. A jacket must have both waterproof layers and fantastic lining and lots of pockets, but if you still can't snap the jacket in a sensible way, it doesn't matter. If you don't just want an unbuttoned jacket, like a lined jeans jacket, over a hoodie or thicker sweater for a little more attitude. Then the button is less important.

    The hood protects against precipitation and wind

    Practical pockets for the mobile and keys

Fit on winter jackets

With us at Dunken.se you can find everything from plain-cut coats to oversize jackets and everything in between. What you should choose is entirely about what you have for personal style, what you should wear the winter jacket and what you think is neat. You may want to find a jacket that suits both the office and when you go out on the galley. You might be a person who is happy to be outdoors regardless of the season and want something that fits even to everyday life and walking. We have an incredibly wide range of models where you will find waistcoat tighter models, more spacious jackets that go down over the buttocks and thinner jackets that slip on more.

The lining in the jacket obviously controls the fit, whether it is a model that is quilted and a little longer is usually fit looser. If you want a winter jacket or coat that is more figurative, a model with thin lining is a better choice. But what is important to consider when choosing a model that is a bit thinner is that you must be able to fit a shirt underneath to be able to use it even if it gets really cold.

    From oversize to figurine

    Feed or not feed

Shop winter jackets smoothly and easily

With us you can easily shop your winter jacket or coat. Once you find the one you want, just put it in the shopping cart and click on the cash register. When it then appears at home with you depends on whether we have it in stock or not. If we have it in stock, it will only take a few days. When you shop at Dunken.se you can count on affordable jackets, cheap shipping costs and secure payment methods.

When you are still shopping and take a look at our other products, you will surely find something that fits your jacket or under your coat!