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Our 3/4 shorts men

Here you will find all our 3/4 part pants in men's model.

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Our 3/4 shorts men.

Sometimes you want an intermediate thing for shorts and pants and then of course we have the three-quarter pants. It is slightly longer but not as long as the regular pants. It can be perfect for the summer when you are in slightly more demanding environments or as a regular trouser at your job but which is a bit more airy.

The historian behind 3/4 shorts.

A garment that was introduced in 1948 and is also called capri pants as it became very popular on the island of Capri in Italy during the 50s and 60s. In the mid-60s, the trousers became especially popular with teenage boys.

In the US, the trousers were introduced via the TV program The Dick van Dyke show caused a fashion trend by being included in the program.

Smooth with 3/4 pants.

If you want to find the actual benefit with this type of pants then it is actually when you think it is too hot to wear long pants but needs protection for the legs this is a fantastic garment as it almost cools like a pair of shorts but protects like a pair of pants. when they go down over their knees.

The trend with 3/4 shorts comes and goes and seems to remain quite often as it is also very practical and will probably remain so in the future as well. What usually distinguishes all fashions is that it changes in style and we will probably see it here with these comfortable 3/4 pants as well.

The scope is entirely yours and you know best where and when you feel you need 3/4 shorts so we hope we have your favorites here with us.