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Long sleeved shirts

Here we have collected all our long sleeve shirts in men's model.

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Men's long sleeve shirts.

Long-sleeved shirts are the basis of our garments, as it was one of the earliest garments that appeared in its original form since ancient times. The shirt was before the 1900s a purely lingerie garment that we next only have our underwear and panties left. Then even the T-shirt is now a garment that you do not need anything over.

In the past you would not even show the shirt sleeves as this in many circles was not at all appropriate but it was a purely underwear. But during the early 1900s, things started to change and it became perfectly okay that you took off your jacket when you came indoors and only walked around your shirt.

Today's fashion is far from this previous stage and now it is often the case that you do not have a jacket and the shirt is available in lots of different designs. It is even so that you should have a shirt in some contexts but you do not need a jacket.

Work shirts and flannel shirts.

Shirts have often been used as work clothes in many different environments. You have the classic flannel shirt that is still used today in many places and especially under slightly cooler conditions such as out in the woods or similar. However, this shirt has also become increasingly modern and it is one of the most stylish shirts right now with a pair of jeans.

These flannel shirts have also come in a new design since not all flannel shirts are in the old thick variant but also in thinner materials. What many people get a bit confused about is that flannel is believed to be a material, but it is often made of cotton or wool and is easily knit woven fabric. So when you look at the material it can very well be 100% cotton.

About the material on the shirts.

However, the most common material is cotton on shirts, but it starts to get a little more blend in the fabrics, which makes it stretch or to get the shirt wrinkle-free. It mixes a lot between different materials to get different properties, as the shirts have a lot of different uses so the material is left behind.

However, we hope you find your favorite shirts here with us and if you are interested in other shirts with short sleeves or only the shirts we have in plus size then follow the links in the menu where we split it up a little extra.