Here you will find all our cargo pants in men's model.

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Men's cargo pants

This model of pants, called cargo pants, has its origins in the military, which had its purpose as military work pants. It has also been called combat trousers. Its origin is that it is a loose-fitting trouser that must withstand tough work environments and outdoor activities. They are primarily recognizable by their many and large utility pockets, which are for carrying tools with them.

Now more and more, trousers have become really popular as everyday trousers because they fit quite loosely and are comfortable to wear.

Our cargo pants

We have here many different models of cargo pants as we have everything from the original military but also many models that are more modern in their cut. We aim for you to be able to choose the type of cargo pants you are looking for. Now more and more, it is mainly the pockets that determine whether it is a cargo pant or not. Because there are both soft trousers and fine trousers in the same model, but it is often the material that separates the trousers from where you want to be able to use your trousers.