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Plus size hoodies

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Plus size hoodies

A hoodie is always right, both a cool summer evening after a day at the beach and during the winter jacket when it is terribly cold. But if you are a plus size, it is not always easy to find stylish hoodies. We have tried to fix this here on the Dunken and here you will find a number of different shirts in plus size sizes in tough and stylish models. The plus size hoodies available in the range come in several different variants, colors and with different fit. You can choose among hoodies both with and without print, and we also have headgear with zipper in plus size. Our webshop is filled with cool clothes for all styles and all wallets. So you want hoodies with attitude, take a look in our range!

Plus size hoodies up to size 5XL

When it comes to our larger sizes here at Dunken, we are not talking about sizes like XL and XXL. Here you will find hoodies that go all the way up to size 5XL. There are everything from classic stylish cuts to hood sweaters and longer variants to modern tight models. Here are hoodies that fit the jeans or shorts on a summer excursion but also hoodies in large sizes that you can wear as a jacket to work with a stylish shirt underneath.

However, not all our hoodies are available in large sizes up to size 5XL, but you can easily see that when you scroll through the products. In addition, there are some hooded sweaters that are only available in the largest sizes, ie from 3XL and upwards. When you are still going to check out XL-plus, take a look at our other range of plus-size clothes, such as t-shirts, jeans and jackets to match your hoodie with.

Plus size hoodies with print

How many times have you checked in an online store or physical store and seen a really nice hoodie with print, just to realize that it is not in your size? Usually there are standard sizes but rarely above XL. Therefore, we have chosen not only to offer a variety of hoodies with different prints, but also many different sizes, more than you find in regular stores. Not only are comfortable shirts with print in lovely materials, but many of them have really cool designs that give you style and attitude.

The motifs are not only cool, there is also a wide range of what the motifs represent. Here you can find simpler prints with logos and print with quotes. But there are also impressive and impressive motifs from film and TV and of course cool pressures from the music world. So whether you are a little wider or longer, you will find models with print, both with and without zipper. Examples of prints that plus size hoodies have are:

    Rolling Stones


    The Godfather

Plus size hoodies where the model gets to speak

Of course there are hoodies without print in large sizes, all to accommodate all customers' wishes and tastes. If you are looking for a single-color hoodie in the simple, classic style, there are a number of stylish models in vintage style or hooded sweatshirts that have both a short and long sleeve, like two sweaters in one. There are also stylish hooded sweaters with different colors and sewn patterns if you feel that monochrome in black and gray is not your melody. If you want to go the step further you will of course find tough hooded sweaters in sportier models, perfect if you are going to play some basketball with the neighbor, take a run or go on a barbecue during the evening.

If you are looking for a hooded sweater but want to be able to use it a little more flexibly, there are hoodies with zip in large sizes, also these are available in different colors such as black, white and red. Nice for a couple of chinos at work. At Dunken, there are always hoodies with modern designs, designs and colors, which can be anything from cool camouflage colored sweaters to insulated patterns that make the hoodie unique. Keep in mind, however, that the range can change over time and models are changed and the range is supplemented with news at regular intervals.

Find the right light among plus size hoodies

To make it as easy as possible to find among the slightly larger sizes and models, you can sort and filter in the range. Do you know you need 3XL you can choose it and then only models that are in that size will come up. You can also choose to sort by brands, which shirts are most popular, by the highest and lowest price, and by the hoodies that were last added.

If you can't really decide or want to get some taste advice, there is also the possibility of starring products that you are interested in and then come back and decide on which one or who you want to buy. Also check out what our customers have given for grades on the various shirts, it might give you some help on the stack.

Easy to buy plus size hoodies in the webshop

When you shop a hoodie with us at Dunken you do not have to worry about complicated shipping. Here it is smooth and you can count on low shipping costs. You will find stock status under all products we have, which makes it easy to see delivery time and status. Some goods can be shipped from the warehouse directly while others have a slightly longer delivery time.

For more information, just click on the model you are interested in, where you will find pictures, information about materials and much more. Choose the size, any color and put in the shopping basket. It can't be easier. Here at Dunken, we care about our customers no matter what it is and we want you to be able to easily buy our cool hoodies with attitude, so why not check out our offer today.