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Streetwear is a type of style that has its root in California through the surf and skate culture. However, it has grown and is a bit in the Japanese street fashion and hip hop culture.

Streetwear is a so-called comfortable clothing style with jeans, t-shirts, caps and sneakers. It was in the late 70's and early 80's that clothing brands like BlauGrun, Ocean Pacific and Off Shore began to sell printed t-shirts with the same brand as found on the surfboards. It was after it began to become more popular.

The early streetwear companies took inspiration from punk, new wave, hard rock and hip hop cultures.
Streetwear clothing.

In short, streetwear is a fashionable dress that is very relaxed, but this one is more and more coming into Sweden every year and it's okay to have a pair of stylish softpants in town in a different way than it was for some years ago. This is also because these lovely and comfortable clothes have become more and more class conscious after time.

So for those who do not want to choose between comfortable clothes or style, you have a fantastic range here.