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Flecktarn camo

Here you will find all our products available in the German camouflage - Flecktarn.

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Flecktarn - the German camouflage.

Fleckarn is a family of camouflage patterns where the pattern varies between 3, 4, 5 and 6 colors. The most common is that the camouflage has 5 colors and is then dark green, light green, black, reddish-brown and green-brown. The 5-color camouflage was created to blend into European forest terrain. The slightly later 3-color camouflage called Tropentarn is instead used in terrain with more desert and mountains.

Flecktarn was developed in the 1980s and has since been used by the German Bundeswehr.

Flecktarn in civil.

The Bundeswehr has released a lot of material for surplus sales to the civilian market, which has made the potty has become a relatively common camouflage even within the civilian. It is used in from hunting, airsoft, Mil-Sim or as a fashion item.

We are actually seeing a trend where Flecktarn is showing up more and more in detail in garments or entire structures on garments within the slightly more fashionable garments.