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Here you will find all our garments in darkcamo and similar military designs.

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What is darkcamo?

Darkcamo is not really an official military camo used by any military, but instead it is a collective name for various darker camouflage. This has become a somewhat simplified name for dark camouflage patterns as camo has come to be fashionable even on civilian clothes.

Darkcamo can therefore have many different textures on the camouflage and in most cases it resembles woodland camo but instead of green shades it goes in black, gray and blue.

Another camo that darkcamo can often emulate is the American NWU Type 1.

Darkcamo on civilian clothes.

Darkcamo has become increasingly common in civilian clothes and is even considered modern. A big reason why dark camo is popular is when the dark colors make the actual pattern in the camouflage discreetly compare with eg. green and beige camouflage where the differences in shades become clearer.