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Jackets children

Here you will find our wide range of children's jackets for all times of the year. These are comfortable spring jackets with light lining, unlined summer jackets that withstand wind and water, autumn jackets in comfortable teddy fleece and really warm winter jackets with practical functions.

Children's jackets that are combined with trend and functionality.

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Buy affordable jacket for children online

There is an increasing trend of buying jackets online. The biggest reason for the increased trend is probably the wide range of jackets you get when you look in online stores instead of physical stores. The jackets are expensive for physical stores to have in stock and also a seasonal product that takes up a lot of space in the warehouse. Physical stores therefore often end up in a situation where you are forced to choose individual models of jackets. We online stores then have the advantage of being able to offer a wider range of jackets and this means that we then hopefully have the jacket in exactly the model, color and size that you are looking for for your child.

We have a wide range of children's jackets and most models are of the same variety as the ones we sell in adult sizes, but in children's sizes instead. So stylish and above all functional children's jackets in the same durable materials as those you find on other jackets in our range.

The child sizes of the jackets are usually divided into centilong measurements. It is an international size system for children's jackets and other children's clothing and is based on the child's height in centimeters.

Warm winter jacket for children

Our children's jackets are usually available in the same model for men and women as well. The children's jackets are then made with exactly the same conditions as the jackets we offer in adult sizes. These are usually designed to mimic a military original in both design, function and material. When it comes to military garments in particular, high demands are placed on jackets to fulfill a function. When it comes to jackets that can withstand cold climates, military garments are extremely functional. As the manufacturers of our jackets do everything to imitate these originals, we can also say the same about the jackets we offer.

Examples of winter jackets for children that are taken from military garments are our stylish MA1 bomber jacket, our lovely BW parka with teddy lining or the classic American M65 jacket in child sizes. Here you get well-developed, functional and warm winter jackets for your child.

Rain and wind jacket for children

Rainwear for the children is a must both in preschool, school and at home. The activities can not only be adapted to the weather and you need functional clothing even in rain and debris. We have a whole bunch of stylish children's jackets that are wind and water resistant. Since many of our functional children's jackets are taken from real military models of jackets, our jackets usually have the same stylish design but the functional precondition to withstand wind and water.

Here you will find everything from unlined windbreakers for the windy days of summer to warmly lined windbreakers for the autumn evenings' rain and debris.

Functional autumn jacket for children

With autumn comes such a season when you have to have a warm, windproof and water-resistant jacket for the children. At the same time, you want a light and comfortable jacket to move in. It is too early to put on the heavy winter jackets and you want to pull on it as far as possible.

We may be annoying, but here the jackets taken from military garments are very good. These jackets are made to be both light and flexible but still withstand both wind, water and cold in a good way.

If you look through our wide range of children's jackets, you are guaranteed to find the autumn jacket you think feels right for your child.

Thin summer jackets for children

During the summer, we do not want any heavy clothes. We really just want to wear as little clothing as possible. But we live in the north and the Nordic climate forces us, if only occasionally to put on a little warmer clothes even in the summer. Sometimes, perhaps all too often, summer offers both strong winds and heavy rain. If you are then prepared, you have made sure to equip your child with a practical summer jacket which, despite the fact that it lacks warm padding, still withstands both wind and water.

You will find these types of summer jackets in our range.

Bomber jackets for children in classic models

MA1 is the American bomber jacket that was developed by the American Air Force in the 50's. It is not the first model of bomber jacket to be manufactured and it has over 70 years on its neck, but it is still the model we see as the classic bomber jacket. MA1 is made of nylon fabric and has a thick padding that gives a round shape to the wearer.

The collar is round with a cuff that goes perfectly around the neck and insulates the body. The bottom edge has a wide cuff that also insulates. Together with the thick lining, this creates a really warm insulating function against the body.

The inside is lined with an orange lining. This is a feed that was developed to act as an emergency signal. If the pilot got into trouble, he was able to turn the jacket inside out. Then the pilot lit up in a strong orange color and was thus easier to locate for the rescue personnel.

We are very proud to be able to offer a range of bomber jackets for children. Then not only new modern versions of the bomber jacket but also bomber jackets that are very faithful