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Thug Life clothing

Thug Life is a brand that has been inspired by American rapper Tupac. Tupac Shakur was the first to refer to Thug Life. Thug Life supplies clothes in urban streetwear. Thug Life delivers stylish clothes with print that gives a dressed up with tough look.

Thug Life is primarily associated with hip hop, which feels logical when the brand gets its name on a word coined by one of the greatest rappers ever. The word Thug Life is seen by many as a word for a criminal, but really it has more significance than that. The word does not really mean that Thug is a gangster but rather a person who had a difficult start in life but managed to fight to the top without any financial resources. So instead of Thug Life being in any way negative or condescending, it is actually a word that symbolizes strength and pride. A word meant to give self-confidence to young people who are less privileged.