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Here you will find one of the largest assortment of backpacks from German brand - Forvert. High quality and functional backpacks with attractive designs.

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We are really proud to be able to offer one of Sweden's largest range of backpacks from German Forvert. Forvert is a manufacturer of backpacks whose goal is to make an interesting combination of functionality and stylish design with a sense of streetwear look. Here are a variety of different backpacks that all models have got their own unique design while offering a whole range of smart and functional solutions.

Forvert is the backpack that you will carry with you for many years to come and you will only appreciate it more and more as time goes on.

Backpacks with a streetwear look

Forvert manufactures functional backpacks. The main purpose of a backpack is to be able to carry the right amount of packing in both a practical and ergonomic way. This is something Forvert are well aware of when picking out their various models and designs on their backpacks and they will not disappoint you. Here you get nice padded carrying straps, plenty of luggage space and smart pockets.

But something that is also important for Forvert is the design in terms of appearance on the backpacks. Forvert works to produce their backpacks with a design that gives a feeling of street and skate. So you get not only a practical backpack but also a real style setter. It is both the shape of the backpacks and the colors that are combined that make the backpacks look so unique and exciting.

Forvert as a brand

Forvert is a streetwear brand founded in 1998 in the Belgian quarter of the German city of Cologne. Forvert supplies a lot of clothes in streetwear but has really made a name for itself when it comes to their backpacks. Their various models and designs fall mainly into the categories of skate, surf and street. Their different patterns often give a feeling of a combination of nature, city life and pop culture with inspiration from art, music, sports and literature.

The brand is mainly popular in its home country - Germany. If you were to go to a German school, you would most likely come across most of Forvert's different models and designs.