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Here you will find our entire range of tough and practical straw hats. The hat is not only practical in its function as protection against the sun, but is also a true stylist on your outfit.

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The main feature of the straw hat is to protect your head and your eyes from the sun. The larger the hat, the bigger the shade the hat will be. You could also say that the bigger the hat, the more the hat takes over your outfit. If you want a straw hat that does not make up too much of your look then look at a hat with a little less brim.

The advantage of straw hat instead of hat in, for example, leather, is that all small holes in the braid of the straw hat act as a ventilation that allows the air to flow freely through the hat and cool off. The hat in leather is more insulating, which also has its advantages.

Another fact is that the straw hat is made of a material that does not require as much process and is cheap to produce. The price for the straw hats is therefore difficult to beat.

What is a straw hat?

Straw hat is really a collective name for different types of hats woven in straw-like material. In the past, they often made their own straw hats from natural materials, which made the hats very cheap to produce. Therefore, different types of straw hats could often be seen even in people in hot areas who had the worse.

Then there were of course a bit more elegant straw hats that were in status. An example of how such a hat can look can be seen if you look at Jarl Kulle in his role as villain in the movie Rasmus on the fly. There Jarl Kulle wears a very straight braided wooden hat with black silk ribbon.

The straw hat with its sparse weave makes it very good for protection from sun and heat. Unfortunately, the hat works less well in protection against rain and cold.