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Welcome to our cap category. From classic trucker caps and army caps to sophisticated baker boy caps, our collection is carefully selected to suit all styles and needs for both men and women.

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Caps for men and women

Now you have found our cool caps for both men and women.

Caps are so much more than just practical protection from the sun. It is an accessory that has changed the fashion world for decades and become an iconic part of many people's personal style. A cap is not just a headgear; it is an expression of individual taste and often a symbol of belonging to a particular group or culture.

The history of the cap is a fascinating journey through time and space. From its original purpose as protection for baseball players in the United States in the 19th century, the cap has evolved into a global fashion trend. During the 20th century, different shapes and styles began to appear, and today the cap is a permanent part of both the sports world and the fashion industry. The evolution of the cap also reflects important cultural and social changes, making it more than just a hat.

The dynamic history and design of the trucker cap

Known for its iconic mesh and adjustable snapback closure, the trucker cap has its roots in 1960s America. Originally made for truckers, these caps have evolved into a fashion icon loved by everyone from artists to sports enthusiasts. What sets the trucker cap apart is its structured front and curved brim, making it ideal for both functionality and fashion.

Functional Properties

This style of cap is not only trendy but also functional. The mesh back offers excellent ventilation, making the cap a perfect choice for warmer climates or active days outdoors. The adjustable closure ensures that the cap can be adjusted to fit almost any head size, providing a comfortable and personalized fit.

Army cap's Timeless Appeal

The army cap is designed for discretion and functionality. With a flatter profile compared to the trucker cap, this model offers a subtle style that is perfect for a more subdued wardrobe. The materials in an army cap vary, but in common are their durability and comfort.

Why Choose an Army Cap?

An army cap is not just a fashion accessory; it is also a practical choice for those looking for a cap that combines style with discretion. The low profile and soft lines make it a favorite among those who prefer a simpler, more understated style.

Flexfit and snapback caps

We boast an exclusive collection of caps that includes everything from sporty designs to classic vintage models. Every cap in our collection is made with a focus on quality and style.

Our Popular Categories Include:

Flexfit caps: A more modern version of the classic baseball cap.
Snapback Caps: A modern classic that has received a new boost in recent years.
Winter caps: Designed with warmer materials and models that include ear flaps for extra protection against the cold.

Common materials in caps

Most caps are made from materials such as cotton, polyester, and wool. Cotton provides a soft and natural feel, while polyester offers durability and moisture wicking, which is ideal for active lifestyles. Wool is traditionally used for warmer caps and provides both warmth and style.

Fit and size

Choosing the right cap isn't just about style; the fit is just as important. A cap should fit comfortably without being too tight or too loose. Most caps come with adjustable straps or buckles that make it easy to adjust the size, but it's important to try the cap on and feel how it feels on your head before buying.

Style advice for different face shapes

The shape and style of the cap can affect how it complements your face. For example, people with a round face can benefit from a cap with a structured brim that can give the illusion of length. On the other hand, if you have a more oblong face, a trucker cap or a cap with a softer brim can balance your features.

The evolution of caps in fashion trends

From sports arenas to the catwalk, caps' role in the fashion world has grown exponentially. Today they are seen not only as a casual accessory but also as an important part of fashionable outfits. Designers have experimented with materials, shapes and details to create caps that are at the center of their collections.

Cleaning and maintenance

Taking care of your cap is essential to extend its life and maintain its appearance. For most caps, hand washing with a mild detergent and cold water is recommended to prevent the fabric from shrinking or deforming. Avoid using tumble dryers, as the heat can damage the shape of the cap. Instead, let your cap air dry with the screen facing down on a flat surface.

Storage tips to keep the shape

In order for your cap to retain its shape, it is recommended that you store it on a cap stand or fill it with clean paper when not in use. This helps keep the screen straight and the body full, preventing the fabric from flattening or bending the screen in unwanted ways.

We hope that you have now received a little more information about both the history of the cap but also what you can think about when making your purchase and storage.