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Nit Bra & Bra with rivets and chains

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Bra with studs

We have very many models of nit-braces that you can see above and it's all from long rivets to small short rivets that are more rounded off. As you can see, there are also a wide range of rivets combined with chains and braces that extend a little further down the stomach. Everything to suit your taste, but if you miss something, just contact us at customer service and we will try to find out more because we want the best and largest range of nit-braces at Dunken.se.
Rock brackets and push-up braces.

We also try to complement stylish and stylish braces that are non-riveted and only stylish and maybe a little more practical than our models with rivets. So, we hope you like what you see in the range of festivals and rock brasses that also have a cool look and are perfect for festivals or in what context you may use your bra.