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Snygga kjolar dam

Here you have all our good looking skirts.

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Our stylish skirts lady.

A nice skirt is a cannon garment especially in the summer. Since it is a little warmer, there is nothing more wonderful to throw on than a nice skirt. The garment is also a canon to wear over the swimwear, so you get dressed without having to wear a lot of clothes, but it is enough with a skirt and a linen if you just want to and still be nicely dressed when walking from the beach.

Our short skirts.

As you can see, we have short skirts in many different colors and types. Here you have a kind of skirt that maybe works a little better for everyday or party because it is available in stylish jeans models or why not in leather look. You can dress these with both heel shoes or why not a pair of sneakers if you want to be both comfortable but still have a stylish style.

Rockabilly skirts.

Here you have a completely different variant of skirt against what most others use today. It is a so-called swing skirt with quite a lot of fabric and it may well be in dots or boxes.

We hope you find your favorite skirt here with us.

About our rocky skirts.

We have here collected skirts in unique and stylish rocky style. Where we have skirts with rivets, laces and other neat as well as some skirts that can fit well to dresses to get them out in a width that makes the dress get a completely different shape. But what we have aimed at is skirts with a rocky attitude and has a feel for the rock in all its forms. We hope you like our rock skirts and if there is anything you are wondering about then just contact us at customer service and we hope that we can help you with your skirt.