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Ladies autumn jackets

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Autumn jackets lady

Has it become time for a new autumn jacket? Your old may have been hanging out for a couple of seasons and starting to feel a bit tired or boring. Then it's time to buy a new jacket for the fall. We know what is needed in our climate, and in the autumn in Sweden it can get really cold. So that jacket should be warm and comfortable is a must, but of course it should be a nice model with. In our range you will find variants in several different materials, styles and sizes!

Autumn jackets in different styles

Do you like to dress tough, elegant or casual? No matter what your answer is, you will find something suitable in our wide range of autumn jackets. If you prefer a rocky and tough style we have variants with many zippers, wide belts, rivets and biker models. Are you more into the elegant style maybe a coat in fur is something for you, or why not choose one of our models in rockabilly style in clocked design. If it feels a bit too much, you will find parkas jackets in our range where you both get style and attitude. However, this is not the only thing you will find in our jacket offering, here are a lot of everyday jackets as well.

For example, a jacket that is suitable for everyday use is our lined bomber jackets in various models. They are really good looking for a pair of worn jeans and a pair of coarser boots, a style that can never go wrong. Are you a jeans girl? Then you will find lined jeans jackets in our range, a classic that has been around for many years. Keep in mind, however, that our supply can change over time, goods are removed and replaced with other goods at regular intervals. Here at Dunken.se we try to have a range that fits all styles, so that everyone can find something that fits them exactly in our range. You will easily get an overview of our entire range when you scroll and you can also see which sizes are available without having to click on the model, smoothly and easily.

    Tough jackets

    Everyday jackets

    Elegant coats

Autumn jackets in different colors and materials

When you check out our range of autumn jackets, you will see that we have a range in both different colors and materials. Of course, we have a wide range of jackets in the most popular colors such as black, gray and green, but you will also find white and red variants. There are also jackets that have more than one color, for example in camouflage and checkered. Our goal is that everyone should be able to find a jacket that they feel comfortable in until the autumn.

We also have jackets in several different materials. The material is important when it comes to a jacket that will keep you warm all autumn. You may want a lined one so that you can keep warm. Many of our lined jackets are made of a blend of cotton and polyester, but there are those made from other materials. We also have jackets in jeans fabric, suede imitation and fake fur if you like it. If you click on a product you will get product information where you can read more about its material.

Autumn jackets for the sake of the heat

One thing we know here at Dunken and that is that everyone has different styles, but regardless of style perhaps the heat is the important thing. Therefore, we have a large selection of different models on our jackets and coats with details that make them a little warmer. They come with a little thicker lining and in fur. If you prefer a longer model that goes down a bit about the hips, there is also our range. We also have variants with hood and those without hood. Many of the jackets that have a hood have a removable one.

However, it is not just the length of the jacket that is crucial for whether it is warm or not. You can choose whether you want a jacket that is shorter but with thicker lining, or maybe one in oversize model. Everything is here with us and we guarantee that you will find at least one variant you like in our range of autumn jackets. There are plenty of choices among our jackets and there is something that fits regardless of age and style.

    Fitted or oversize model

    Elegant or tough model

    Long or short model

Autumn jackets in your size

Has it happened that you found a really nice jacket just to find out that it is not available in your size? With us you will find a wide range of sizes. We have jackets from size XS right up to size 5XL. However, not all jackets are available in all sizes, but you can see which sizes are already available when you scroll in the range. If a size is written in green text, it is in our warehouse and can be delivered immediately, if it is written in yellow, it is in stock at the supplier.

We think that everyone should be able to look good and warm in the fall and therefore we have a range of autumn jackets in several different sizes. You can also filter the range by choosing the size you are interested in, in that way you only see the jackets that are in your size. With us you can shop whether you are big or small and long or short. Our store is open to all types of people, tough girls and elegant girls, or why not those who are both.

    XS to 5XL

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Get your autumn jacket delivered smoothly

If you shop an autumn jacket at Dunken you can always count on a good shipping cost. When it comes to delivery time, it varies somewhat depending on whether the product is in stock or not. If you buy something that is available in our warehouse, it will be delivered within a few days. However, if you find a jacket that is in stock at the supplier, the delivery time may vary, you always see the delivery time stated in the product information.

We at Dunken.se know that it is not just about finding the right autumn jacket. It should be affordable, and it must be easy and convenient to shop. It's something you can count on here with us, and not just that. We have a large selection of other stylish clothes that you should take a look at when you shop anyway!