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Ladies zip hoodies

You have entered the zip hoodies lady and below you will see all our hoodies with zipper.

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Ladies zip hoodies

Is there anything better than crawling into a cozy hoodie, especially one with zip? It is comfortable and practical with a hooded sweater that has a zipper as you can choose to have it open or closed depending on your mood and weather. With us you will find zip hoodies in different variants, materials, sizes and colors, one for all occasions and tastes. If you are lucky you can also find a nice hooded sweater for a cheap or discounted price when you shop at Oddsailor.com.

Zip hoodie models for both everyday and work

We have a lot of different styles available on our zip hoodies, both with and without different cool prints or patterns. Why not bet on a figure-like variant without pressure? It fits just as well on the job to a pair of slacks and high heels as it makes a pair of worn shorts for the boardwalk. Maybe you want a slightly longer or shorter model, both styles are with us! If you are looking for a slightly more rocky variant that has a little more attitude, there are several models that will fall into the taste, neatly under the leather jacket or just as they are. Why dress boring when you can dress cool.

There are always times for a hoodie but sometimes it is not one with print or a tougher variant that fits. Why not take a look at our more classic zip hoodies. An everyday and more discreet model you can use whenever you want, whether you intend to take a round in the running a cool autumn evening or if you feel a bit frozen at work in front of the computer. We know that details are important and therefore there are hoodies with and without pockets, models that go down over the socket and models that you can easily use as a jacket when it is not biting cold. If you want a fun detail on your hoodie, you can always bet on our models that come with small ears on the hood. They are charming and give a slightly softer appearance. We are sure that you will find a suitable shirt with us.

    Hoodies with attitude

    Classic hoodies

    Hoodies with print

    Hoodies without print

Zip hoodies in different colors and comfortable materials

Of course, you can find several zip hoodies in a variety of colors and materials. The most common color of the shirts is black, but when you click on a model you can easily see if it comes in more colors. For print, black is usually preferred, the pressure is often more pronounced and the details are better visible. But you can find hoodies in colors such as gray, red, blue and white. Keep in mind, however, that our supply is changed from time to time and what is available today may not be available next time. We try to keep our range updated so that there will always be fresh products with us.

When it comes to materials on the different shirts, you can expect that it is high quality regardless of whether you choose a thicker or thinner shirt. Of course, we have regular cotton varieties, but you can also find some variants in, for example, soft tea material. On some sweaters, materials are mixed and there may be details in leather or in another fabric. Whether you want a shirt that you can use under a jacket, snuggle in when you watch TV or use it as a jacket, zip hoodies are available in material that suits all occasions.

Find the right size among our zip hoodies

If you buy hoodies with zip at us, you can always expect them to come in several different sizes. Our models are usually from size S up to XL. If you need XS or larger than XL, you can easily see if they are available for the shirt you are interested in. All sizes are printed under the hoodie image. If the size is directly available, it is written in green. For the products that have longer delivery times, the size is written in yellow instead of green.

One tip from us is to check what other customers have said about the shirt you are looking at, it can be a great help if you are unsure of which one to choose, especially if you stand and weigh between two or more pieces. If you just want to see the shirts that are available in your size, you can easily sort it out.

    Several variations in size

    S, M, L, XL

Product information about our zip hoodies

If you scroll through our range and become interested in a zip hoodie, you can click on it to get to the garment's own product information page. You can, for example, read about what material it is made of, if it comes from some special brand and other interesting information. You will also find information on any details on the hood sweater such as back and sleeves if, for example, they have raw edges or cords and the like.

Here you can also easily get information about delivery time and other information that may be good to have before making a purchase. In some product headwear product descriptions it is also stated which style we think the shirt fits, but of course it is up to you to use the garment just the way you want. Take the opportunity to check out the pictures on the hoodie, they are often shown from different pages to give you an idea of ​​how the fit is and how, for example, a print looks.

    Detailed information with pictures

    Delivery time varies

Order our zip hoodies

It is super easy to shop with us at Dunken.se, just click on the product and put it in the customer basket, go to the checkout when you are done with your shopping and you are done. Also, take a look at our other range when you are still running. Because with us you can count on a delivery that does not cost the shirt, which means that you can take advantage of big shopping when you are still here on the side. If a product is in our warehouse, which it does if the size is indicated by green text, the delivery time is only a few days. If, instead, it is in stock at the supplier, the delivery time may vary slightly. Then click on the garment to see exactly what the delivery time is for that particular product. When you shop at Dunken.se you will be satisfied with your purchase, especially considering the cheap shipping fee. Take a look at our selection and find the right hoodie for you!