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Ladies plus size hoodies

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Ladies plus size hoodies

Do you go into stores and find stylish clothes but then they never exist in your size? Are you sad about the bad selection of hoodies in larger sizes? Then you should be glad that you have found us here at Dunken.se. Here you will find a wide range of plus size hoodies that you can choose and pick from. In addition, we regularly extend our range so it is good if you look in a bit every now and then to see if any news has popped up. We think that everyone should be able to dress nicely regardless of body type and body size, therefore we sell clothes in a wide variety of sizes.

Plus size hoodies in different styles

If you want something tougher but still a hoodie, you will find it here in our range of plus size hoodies. We have products in different styles, such as those in an oversize model and those that are in a more fitted model. A hoodie is a perfect garment at all times and seasons. When there are chilly spring and summer evenings, there is nothing more wonderful than crawling into a cozy hoodie to keep the heat up.

A hoodie is also perfect to wear under the jacket for really cold autumn and winter evenings to keep the cold away. Are you looking for more everyday hoodies there are nice variants to choose from and of course those in a bit more strict style if you need something that fits on the job. We think that all women should be able to dress nicely and as they prefer and therefore we aim for the broad crowd. Our range can vary a little and sometimes we also have variants with zip if you prefer it. If you are lucky you can also find a hoodie at a discounted price as well.

    Hoodies in different models

    Hoodies in large sizes

Plus size hoodies in different colors and materials

When you choose to buy a hoodie in plus size from us you can of course choose between different colors. There are usually different monochrome variants, but sometimes we have molten or multicolored. What is common to all our plus size hoodies is that they hold high quality, stylish fit and are made of comfortable materials.

Do you prefer clothes in different types of materials? Our plus size hoodies are available in different materials or material combinations. For example, you will find hoodies with different percentages of cotton in combination with polyester, details in different materials and of course print. When you click on a product in our range you can read more information about it such as material, delivery time and available sizes. It should be easy to shop at Dunken.se and therefore we try to have as accurate product descriptions as possible so that you do not miss any information. You can also contact our customer service if you have any questions about a product.

Plus size hoodies up to size 5xl

When you hear the word plus size you may be used to the large size of the usual stores, which may extend to XXL. Here with us there are much larger sizes than that, a large part of our range extends up to 5XL! We have chosen to be able to offer this because we believe that everyone is entitled to a stylish hoodie regardless of the size they have. Even before you click on a product in our web shop, you can see which sizes it is available in and which have a little longer delivery time than others.

The difference between us and several other deals with the plus size range is that our plus size hoodies are also available in the smaller sizes. They are all the way from size S (sometimes even XS) to 5XL in exactly the same model. Why should those with larger sizes not be able to dress the same as those with smaller sizes? With us at Dunken.se everyone can buy similar clothes no matter how long they are or how much they weigh.

    From size S to 5XL

Plus size hoodies at great prices

When shopping with us at Dunken.se you always get to shop at a good price, no matter what size you have in clothes. How many times have you come across plus size clothes that cost much more than the smaller ones? It is more the rule than the exception, but not here with us. Here you pay the same price for a product regardless of whether you shop in size XS or 5XL. If you are looking for a hoodie at a certain price, you can actually sort the range based on price.

With our help you can dress in a really nice plus size hoodie without being ruined and in addition you get what you shop comfortably sent to you. You do not even have to go out the door. In addition, you always pay the same price for the delivery regardless of how much you order, which is a great advantage if you want to trade a lot. A tip when you want to buy a hoodie in plus size, check out what our previous customers have to say about it.

    XS to 5XL at the same price

    Affordable hoodies

Plus size hoodies with secure payment methods and right of withdrawal

With us, you shop easily and without problems. Choose which hoodie you want, you want more one to just put it in the shopping basket, go to checkout and choose the payment method. You can choose to pay your hoodie with a variety of payment methods, all of which are safe for you as a customer. Before you buy a product, you can see if it is a stock item or has a longer delivery time. However, information about this always appears on our website so that you know when you can expect your goods to arrive.

In other words, when you buy your hoodie from us, you can always feel safe and secure both when it comes to payment methods and your rights. Take a look at our range of plus size hoodies and find a variant that suits you. Also, be sure to surf around the page to see if you find something else that can match your hoodie!