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Plus size dresses

Här hittar du hela vårt sortiment av klänningar i plus storlek.

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Plus size dresses

Dresses are a garment that is very useful in your everyday life. By wearing a nice dress you can get an invaluable feeling of feeling fine with simple means. Dresses come in countless different models and shapes, and they pick up your feminine side no matter how your body looks. Women all look different and it is important that you, regardless of the physique, make sure to take care of yourself. With us you will find dresses of all sizes, and also plus size.

Plus size dresses in sizes up to 5-XL

We want to satisfy all women's clothing needs and we know that sometimes it can be difficult to find dresses in the stores that are in the larger size XL, therefore we have developed a wide range of just plus size dresses. The dresses we have in our range for customers who need larger sizes are available from XXL up to 5-XL and we hope that one of these can satisfy your particular needs and wishes. You can easily click around on our website to click home your new favorite dress.

When you are looking for a new dress, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable in what you wear and that it has a good fit. The scrubbing of the garment may differ and it may be smart to consider a model that suits you. The advantage of dresses in larger sizes is that they often sit a little loose and are not figured after the body.

    Find a dress that fits your body shape

    Loose dresses are easier to customize

Add accessories to your Plus size dresses

If you are a customer who sells sizes that are larger than XL, do not let this prevent you from creating your own style. With us you can find dresses in plus size for all occasions. Do you want a festive summer dress or a timeless variant for all occasions? Whatever your needs, we help you find the right one. We have a good selection of dresses that you can wear whether you are going to the wedding or the beach. By adding heel shoes or other accessories, you get from work to the party.

We know that it can be difficult for customers to find clothes in larger models than XL and possibly XXL in physical stores and this we want to facilitate. If you find a large size that you want to test, you can easily click it home. By shopping with us online you will not stand in a narrow test cabin to try to find a suitable dress and you can calmly test it at home in the living room before you decide.

Plus size dresses promote your feminine side

A new dress can be the key to regaining an inner sense of self-confidence and creating a charisma that your entire environment knows. A new fantastic dress in plus size is a well-invested money because you have to be rinsed over by a wave of new energy and a lovely radiation regardless of the occasion. Dare to invest in developing your feminine side! A flip-flop skirt is a safe card that is very flattering for the female forms.

Fashion that fits curvy shapes has never been hotter! On social media, we constantly see images in our flow of "body positive" individuals who pay tribute to the body for what it looks like, regardless of its size. By updating your wardrobe with some stylish and modern plus size garments you can easily produce your body in the very best light. A functional and stylish dress is an optimal way to start updating the closet. In addition to dresses in larger models, we also have plenty of other garments for the modern, proud and curvy woman.

    Our plus size range is available in more garments than just dresses

    Fashion for bigger women has never been hotter!

Plus size dresses in many different models

Our plus size dresses are available in most different models, among them you will find shorter models, but also longer variants. The dresses in our range come in different styles and materials so there is something for everyone. We have dresses with and without neckline and dresses with both short and slightly longer sleeves, all to make sure you find something you like in. Are you not looking for a black timeless dress without one that stands out? Then we have some goodies in our range that are available in, among other things, red.

When you are going to navigate around in our range online, you can easily sort the garments according to, among other things, the most popular goods, most recently received or price. This gives you a good opportunity to find what you are looking for. When you click on the item that interests you, you can always enlarge the image. We always try to collect the best selection of clothes for plus size, but we of course offer clothes for all the smaller sizes as well, always at competitive prices.

    Sort our goods in a smooth way

    Large selection of different dresses

Plus size dresses and more

With us you will find more than dresses in plus size, we also have a wide range of other clothes, shoes and accessories as well as men's clothing and children's clothing. You shop smoothly by clicking on your favorites and placing them in the shopping cart. You always get an overview of the goods you have chosen before you approve and send your order away. As a customer with us, it is always a tip to look into our submerged campaign products to find goods at bargain prices.

When you shop in our online store you order your goods in a quick and easy way. We deliver all over the country and you can always feel safe because you have an open purchase on the goods you buy. If you have any questions or concerns, you can always contact our customer service who will be happy to answer your questions. On our website you will find a smooth form you fill in to get in touch with the support.