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Dresses for party and everyday

Here you will find all our short dresses. That is, all dresses that end above the knees or just at the knees.

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Short dresses for party.

As you probably already saw, there are lots of stylish dresses that fit well to party. Many stylish dresses you find here above are rockabilly dresses but as we have, we also have stylish dresses in rocky style or for those who do not like any of the others, we hope that you can find this with us.

Dresses for everyday life ending above the knees.

We have many stylish dresses that can fit perfectly to everyday life and it can be anything from ordinary single-color dresses with some special cut, type of model or what is now thought. It is entirely up to you what suits you in your everyday life. Why not wear a shorter dress and leggings.

How do we think with short dresses.

Because we do not want to divide dresses into too many different categories, we have made a split between long dresses and short dresses. The ones you see above belong to the short ones and there are dresses that end above the knees or up which we have chosen to put as short dresses. Those who are longer end up in long dresses.