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The Godfather

Here you will find all Godfather clothes.

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Godfather clothes

As you can see above, we have a lot of official merchandise from Godfather and of course there are many of the classic quotes mentioned in the movie. The quotes are almost more famous than the movie itself. For example, in marketing you have heard many times, I will make you an offer you can't refuse. A meaning that can be interpreted very differently. In the film in one way and in the marketing a whole other.

About the film

It is a classic American movie that had a bio premiere in 1972 but takes place between 1945-1955. The film received an Academy Award and was awarded the Oscar for best film, best male lead and best script.

Godfather is ranked as one of the world's best films by many. The film is about the mighty Mafia boss Don Vito Corleone. He has based a system in the film that is based on services and genetic services.