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South Park

Here you will find clothes and other merchandise with the characters from the classic animated adult series South Park. Meet the four boys Stan Marsh, Kyle Boflovski, Eric Cartman and of course Kenny McCormick in different motifs.

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Wide range of South Park merchandise

South Park is an American animated series for adults that began to be released on August 13, 1997. Since then, there have been over 300 episodes, and it is then logical that the series has managed to build up a very loyal fanbase during these years.

With its black, surreal and satirical ability to deliver humor, South Park has attracted a lot of attention.

The series mainly follows the four boys Stan, Kyle, Eric and Kenny in the small fictional town of South Park. These boys and other characters from the TV series can be found in our range of licensed merchandise from this classic series.

This together with quotes with elements of the series' dark humor. Here you always have you as a fan of the TV series South Park. Here you can find T-shirts, Hoodies with neat licensed motifs from South Park.

Eric Cartman from South Park

Eric Theodore Cartman is one of four main characters in the TV series South Park. Cartman, as he is usually just called, is an elementary school student who lives in South Park with his mother Liane. Cartman's major characteristics are obesity, amorality and his narrow-minded and often anti-Semitic views. Many would also describe Cartman as psychopathic and manipulative. Cartman would probably be most easily summed up as a politically incorrect character.

Stan Marsh from South Park

Stan lives in South Park with his parents Randy and Sharon Marsh. Until season 22, they live at 260 Avenue de los Mexicanos in South Park and his father works for the federal government's earthquake monitoring facility. His mother works as a secretary at a plastic surgery clinic. But after season 22 of the TV series, the family instead lives on a farm on the outskirts of the city where Randy Marsh instead works growing marijuana. A job that he forces his family to help him with.

Stan as a character is foul-mouthed (like his friends) and would probably be considered cynical and profane. Another trait that distinguished Stan is his sympathy for animals. He is an animal lover and committed to vegetarianism.

Stan is most often seen in blue pants, a brown jacket, red gloves and a blue/red cap that covers his otherwise black hair.

Kyle Broflovski from South Park

Kyle lives in South Park with his father Gerald, his overprotective mother Sheila and his adopted little brother Ike. Gerald and Sheila have a Polish and Russian Jewish background and both have a strong devotion to the Jewish religion. Somewhat stereotypically, Gerald is a lawyer while Sheila is a housewife.

Kyle is, like his friends, foul-mouthed. Kyle is probably the one of the four boys who shows the highest moral standard and often manages to be portrayed as the most intelligent. Kyle is most easily recognized by his green pants, orange jacket, green gloves and green cap with long ear flaps. The cap covers all of Kyle's hair and you therefore rarely get to see that Kyle actually has a large curly hair under the cap, almost like a reddish-brown afro.

Kenny McCormick from South Park

Kenny lives in a worn and shabby house in the poorer neighborhood of South Park. He lives in the house together with his father Stuart, mother Carol, brother Kevin and sister Karen. Kenny is not just a character who has fallen victim to extreme poverty and misery. The creators of the TV series have had Kenny tormented in various different ways throughout the TV series' over 300 episodes and during the first 5 seasons, Kenny died in almost every episode. Then usually in a very cruel and comically absurd way. But in each new episode, he appeared alive again, completely without explanation.

What sets Kenny's appearance apart is his orange outfit with the hood pulled up, which is pretty much completely closed over his face. You only see his eyes looking out through the opening. This results in Kenny's lines becoming only a light mumble where you cannot hear what he is saying.