Jaws clothing

Clothing from the classic film The Shark that came in 1975 under the direction of Steven Spielberg. Here you will find T-shirts, sweatshirts, cups and other merchandise from a classic movie.

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Jaws clothing online.

Jaws or the shark as the film is called in Swedish is a real classic and of course there is a demand for classic merchandise from the film. The film has a cover with the big shark that pops up from the depth to surprise its prey.

On many of Jaw's clothes you will find the classic cover printed over your chest and sometimes over the entire garment. But the clothes are also available with other motifs that are taken from the films about the shark.

Jaws T-shirt.

The most classic garment when it comes to merchandise is the T-shirt and of course we have T-shirts in our range of merchandise from Jaws. Since the film Jaws is popular with both boys and girls, we have T-shirts in both men and women.