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Friday the 13th

Here you will find our entire wide range of merchandise from the horror film franchise about the mass murderer Jason Voorhees. We probably know the Friday the 13th movie franchise as the best.

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Friday the 13th T-shirts and merch

In our assortment of merchandise from the horror film franchise Friday the 13th, you will find lots of T-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts and more. Here you can find large motifs with logos, posters and other things from the horror films.

It's everything from large machetes to the classic hockey mask that the classic fictional mass murderer Jason Voorhees wears in the horror movies.

Among all the merchandise there are also duvet covers and classic posters. Everything for the horror fan.

Clothes with Jason Voorhees

Jason Voorhees may still be considered one of the most classic characters from the world of horror films. The old hockey mask has taken on a whole new meaning after Jason Voorhees started wearing the mask when the first film was released in 1987. Nowadays, the masks are not sold in sports shops, but are instead picked up on the masquerade shelf before Halloween every year.

The hockey mask has gone from being a symbol of hockey goalies to becoming a symbol of evil sudden death.

Here you will find lots of clothing and other merchandise featuring the disfigured fictional mass murderer and his mask.