A wide range of merchandise with the dangerous, crazy and perverted ghost - Beetlejuice.

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Say Beetle juice three times ...

Yes, what happens if you say the ghost's name three times? According to legend, this magical madman to ghost will appear with you if you quickly say his name three times. However, there is nothing to recommend as Beetle Juice is not known to be neither pleasant nor particularly reliable.

Fortunately, you can say his name three more times to * POFF * get rid of him again.

T-shirts and other clothes with Beetle juice

Beetlejuice certainly has a look and personality that not even a mother can love. But as a character, he is a lover of the film audience. In the movie Beetlejuice directed by none other than Tim Burton, the crazy ghost is portrayed by Michael Keaton. Michael does his interpretation of Beetlejuice with good looks!

The film is also a really typical example of Tim Burton's visual style and slightly distorted fantasy.

The film was a success for both film critics and the audience. Therefore, it is really fun to be able to offer a wide range of merchandise from the film where you use the humorous nature of the film in the motif.