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MG Cars merchandise

Explore MG Cars' exclusive apparel collection, including T-shirts, hoodies, baseball longsleeves, sweatshirts and men's tank tops, as well as coffee mugs for the true car enthusiast.

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MG Cars Clothing Collection

That feeling when you have found a car brand that hits you right in the heart and you are really passionate about the brand. We recognize the feeling so well and this feeling is one of the reasons for constantly fighting to broaden our merch range with new brands.

Is it just MG Cars that warms your chest? Then we want you to be able to show off your love for the car brand in your everyday life. Welcome to our range of MG Cars!

Unfortunately, we cannot offer you cars. But we can offer you a wide range of clothing with motifs officially licensed by MG Cars.

Only genuine goods apply here!

Clothes with the same elegance as MG Cars

In our clothing range with motifs from MG Cars, there is a very mixed compote of garments, all so that you can find something for every occasion.

Among other things, we have an MG Cars range of T-shirts for both men and women. Each T-shirt reflects MG Car's heritage of innovation and design, perfect for the modern enthusiast who wants a basic everyday garment.

Our MG Cars hoodies are created to provide a sense of comfort and warmth, while conveying a sense of classic car enthusiast style. Ideal for cooler days or as a layer on layer garment.

We also have baseball longsleeves that combine functionality with a sporty design, and are a perfect choice for those looking for a garment that keeps up with your active lifestyle while honoring MG's rich history.

If you want a warmer option without a hood, our MG Cars sweatshirts provide a versatile solution for every occasion. Designed to be just as at home on a chilly morning walk as it is at a relaxed gathering with friends.

MG Cars Accessories: Coffee Mugs for the Enthusiast

Our range does not only include clothing - MG Cars also offers coffee mugs for the true car enthusiast. Start your day with a cup of coffee and a reminder of MG's iconic contribution to the automotive world.

Do you have questions about our MG Cars range?

Do you have questions about our range or need help finding the perfect garment?
Our customer service is available via email to offer guidance and answers to any questions.