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Men's Long T-Shirt

Having a T-shirt that is extra long in the model is both neat and very nice. The long T-shirts have become increasingly popular in recent years, which also means that the range of long T-shirts in men's model has increased very much.

The T-shirt is from the beginning an undershirt which was most likely produced by the US Army, although the origin is not fully understood. The T-shirt's name comes from the fact that the shirt has the same shape as the letter T since the sleeves start from the body at a right angle. The T-shirt went from undershirt to becoming our most common garment very quickly. One of the major breakthroughs is said to be when James Dean had only a T-shirt on the upper body in TV during the 50s. At this time, this was shocking.

As we all know, it is not as shocking to see someone in only T-shirt on the upper body today and this has meant that the T-shirt has received many modifications since the 50s. A long T-shirt is just one of all great examples of T-shirts developed over the years.