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Cargo shorts herr

Here you will find all our cargo shorts in men's model.

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About cargo shorts.

Cargo shorts is a variant of cargo pants that in turn comes from the military. These pants have been designed so that you can carry a lot with you, which is and is an important function in the military but also in the outdoors. When you are out in the nature without all the practical aids, you need to be able to carry a lot with you and with the many pockets of the Cargo shorts, this works perfectly.

The modern cargo shorts.

Cargo shorts is a practical card shorts but has also become a really hot fashion. As well as being practical, they also have a nice look and with that, they also create more stylish and more modern models as they are now also available in slightly lighter material and run a slightly smarter model than the classic shorts. Which also makes them work more as well in town as in the forest.

What characterizes the cargo shorts from other shorts is the wide leg pockets that are available on each model, but how they look is entirely dependent on the model and design.

We hope you find the cargo shorts that you are looking for here with us.