A wide and appreciated assortment of durable boots for various different uses and purposes. Here you can find everything from classic military boots in real leather to new modern combat boots with nylon fabric that both breathes but still protects.

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Wide range of military boots

When it comes to military institutions' equipment for their soldiers, the boot is something that has always been a big focus. The boot is clearly one of the most important pieces of equipment, as a soldier with a bad boot can neither function properly nor advance.

Great resources have therefore been put into producing good and functional military boots. This in turn has resulted in a good development of the boots also towards the civilian market and we are therefore happy to be able to present a wide and good range of durable and functional military boots.

These boots have many of the different features that defense and the military have seen a need for around the world. Parts exposed to hard wear are reinforced with leather or durable nylon. Parts that are at risk of being pinched have been reinforced with a steel cap or similar. Soles are made of material that provides a firm grip, to reduce the risk of slipping even on stressful surfaces.

Although the boots have features developed for military use, the boots are perfect for outdoorsmen and professionals. So we have boots both for you who want to be able to move outside in nature or for you who work as, for example, military, police, security guard, watchman or other where the quality of the boots is important.