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Shoes and boots men

Here you will find men's shoes in traditional design, shoes with rock prints, jogging shoes and really solid boots in different designs.

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Men's Shoes.

We have here collected all our men's shoes that you can see so there is everything from boots to regular sneakers. As well as lined and unlined. But above all, everyone has a really lovely look.

The shoes have now become more and more a fashion accessory and it goes without saying that fit the shoes with the other style you wear. But still, you usually have a pair of black sneakers for almost everything since it is a very viable model over most styles.

Something that is also important is to have the right pair of shoes for the right weather to avoid freezing and we also have lined and warm boots with a really stylish look. We always try to bring in stylish shoes that have a function to fill so that you can be comfortable and warm no matter what style you want.

Leather boots men.

With us you will find a whole bunch of functional boots and many of these boots are made of genuine leather. Many of our boots are created with functions for a specific purpose, for example, you can find the mountain boot that has a rubber sole with really good grip in order to be able to use where the surfaces are slippery or where you absolutely must not lose the footing.

Other leather boots are heavily lined to function at the absolutely coldest climate where the air from the fuzzy soft lining insulates between the leather boot and the foot.

We also have leather boots that are reinforced with steel cap, which protects the toes during fall and pinch risks.

In the leather boots you get a really big boot that protects well against water, wind and cold. Feel free to lubricate the leather boots regularly, so the boots will have a long life and maximum functionality

Men's shoes in large sizes.

We aim to be able to offer our products to everyone. We therefore try to get shoes and boots of all sizes and with this we also lie on our suppliers to dare to test a little larger sizes in the shoes / boots they manufacture.

We are therefore happy to offer shoes and boots in the slightly larger sizes 45, 46 and 47.

High boots in men's sizes.

In our assortment of boots for men you will find solid leather boots that go up with a high neck. These boots are available in 10, 14 and 20 loops.