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Here we have gathered our men's pants and it is a very mixed assortment with everything from slim fit jeans, jeans with regular fit, military pants, camouflage pants and cargo pants.

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Cool jeans and men's pants online

Here you will find our cool jeans and we have them at really good prices. We have chosen
to buy cool jeans that have a price range over 1000kr because we do not want to
that a brand should make them cost so much. We have deliciously worn jeans, ordinary blue jeans and stylish military pants to name a few in our range. If you lack any model or size, it is just to say so we can safely bring in more of that kind.

Are you looking for Cool jeans and pants men online and similar products. Everything we have at Dunken.se is within hard rock fashion, rock decoration and the like.
You will find lots of clothes that have their very own cool style only here at Dunken.se.
In the menu at the top left you will find more cool products.

Men's trousers large sizes.

If you have a slightly larger size, it is no secret that it can be difficult to find stylish clothes in the slightly larger sizes. We want to be able to offer our clothes to just about everyone and this is one of our goals when we work with our range.

We therefore always try to offer all sizes that the manufacturers have chosen to manufacture the clothes in and we also try to push our suppliers to dare to try out their clothes in larger sizes.

We have a whole range of men's trousers in large sizes and the sizes then go up in 3XL, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL and 7XL. Many of these pants are very spacious pants with a loose fit.

We will continue to work on broadening our range of men's trousers in large sizes.

Camouflage pants and military pants.

In our range of men's pants you will find a whole bunch of military pants and several of them are made in camouflage patterns. The camouflage pants or military trousers are often made in a so-called ripstop fabric, which means that the fabric has a very discreet grid pattern in the structure.

Ripstop is a kind of technique in the production of fabrics where the fabric has reinforcing threads woven into a grid. This makes the whole fabric very strong and prevents the fabric from being torn up during damage.

In our assortment of camouflage pants and military pants, there are both the pants that are loyal to their original trousers of military trousers and hence equipped with the functions that a genuine military pants needed. These are not designed with modern features to function as a fashion garment, but rather made to fulfill function during stress.

Then we also have a whole bunch of military pants and camouflage pants where you have been inspired by the classic military pants and created a fashion garment of it. Here you have, for example, trousers with elastic at waist and leg closure, and one with an insulated fit around the legs and thighs.

Men's trousers with elastic.

Something that has become very popular in the 21st century is men's jeans and other men's trousers that have the same look as the original but instead of a standard waist with the possibility of using a sharpener, the pants have an elasticated waist.

Many times, the pants also have elastic at the leg ends and the pants are very similar to the solution we can find on classic soft pants. This gives both a modern still on the trousers but also a very good fit which makes the pants held up even in the absence of a belt.

Cargo pants men online.

Surprisingly, Cargoby's origins do not come from the military trousers and the trousers are also called in some cases for combat trousers. These trousers initially have a loose fit and were developed with the features required to suit the purpose a military trousers needed.

Later, the pants were taken to be used as an outdoor trousers, hunting trousers or for other types of outdoor activities where you needed some functions on the pants.

What you recognize is the loose fit and a larger amount of pockets at the pants leg. Unlike the classic five-pocket model, the cargo boot has large sewn pockets on the trousers thigh and it is not uncommon that these pockets have additional small pockets on the outside of the large pockets.

Often, the cargo box has a lacing at the leg end that you can tighten so that the pants should not go down under your feet. However, the new, more modern versions of cargo trousers are available with both open edges and with elastic at the end.