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Regular fit denim

Here you will find all our men's jeans made in regular fit.

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Regular fit jeans sir.

Here you have the classic style of jeans. That is, it is quite straight legs but with little space so that they do not sit so tight at the narrow legs. Regular fit you can always remember that it is the straight and not curved such as slim or loose fit where you have an even more relaxed style than regular fit.

If you want a pair of jeans with the right classic style then absolutely regular fit jeans is what you should have.

It is the jeans model that is considered standard and is suitable for most people as well as occasions.

The history of the jeans never ends.

The jeans as garments are well known to have emerged in the late 1800s in the United States. The pants in the durable fabric spread very quickly and soon both miners and loggers had queued up to buy the new garment.

But the denim fabric (denim fabric) goes back further than that. As recently as 2010, previously unknown paintings from 1655 were found showing clothes in jeans fabric. These were thus already used during the 17th century.

Jeans as garments have been with us throughout history for a long time. Jeans have since come and gone in various forms with peaks and valleys in modernity. However, the strength and functionality of the garment has, as well, made the garment always remain.

Regular fit is timeless.

The jeans have been with us for hundreds of years and do not appear to disappear in the first place. The jeans are the most common garment of all garments in jeans fabric and regular fit is the model that is thus considered standard.

Therefore, we can probably agree that it is the fit of jeans that is by far the most timeless. Puffy jeans like loose fit have been fashionable in rounds just like slim fit with their tight fit. A simple traditional cut never goes out of style. Most men's clothes are actually relaxed and looser without being baggy.

Regular fit is relaxed and loose without looking sloppy or unprofessional. It is also the fit that best suits different body sizes and shapes.