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Mother's Day

Here we have collected gift tips for Mother's Day.

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Mother's Day gifts.

Finding Mother's Day gifts is not always easy but here we have some tips on good gifts. Mother's Day is once a year and it can be good to be out well in advance to find that perfect gift. Always note the delivery time so that you really have time to get your gift on time.

When is Mother's Day coming?

In Sweden as we may go, Mother's Day is always the last Sunday in May. It is a day to pay tribute to their mothers but unfortunately it is not a public flag day, however, there are very many people who flag to pay tribute to their mother.

The story of Mother's Day.

The day started in Philadelphia in 1905 by Anna Jarvis after her mother passed away on May 9. She had engaged in caring for wounded soldiers from both sides in the American Civil War. After that, this day has spread mainly in the US but in Sweden the day was first celebrated in 1919 following the initiative of Cecilia Bååth Holmberg.