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Here you will find a wide range of durable, sturdy and above all functional backpacks that are perfect for carrying a lot of heavy and heavy packing.

When you play airsoft you want a backpack that both looks and acts like the backpacks worn by soldiers around the world. You can find them here.

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Backpack for airsoft

Airsoft is very much about recreating a realistic military scenario. Some games are short and you may then need less flexible packing options where you can easily store equipment without taking up too much space. Other games can last for several days and you will then need a lot of packing space in compressed packing.

The backpack should be functional and durable and have the design that military backpacks have, so the look matches a real military scenario.

We have a wide range of backpacks in different volumes that have had their appearance directly drawn from different models of backpacks worn in the military around the world.

Backpack with MOLLE system provides extended packing possibilities

If you have stayed with airsoft for a long time or are otherwise interested in military equipment then probably the MOLLE system is nothing new for you. But you do not know what it is so it a prelude to "Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment". It is a type of equipment for packing eg. a backpack is equipped with fasteners in the form of straps on its shell. This fastener makes it possible to attach additional gasket to the already existing case. It can be from cabin hooks to smaller bags such as medical bags, hygiene bags, storage bags or the like.

You can then constantly adjust what you are equipped with and what type of accessories you carry.

Among other things, the MOLLE system is used extensively by NATO troops and especially British and American soldiers.

Many of our backpacks are equipped with MOLLE systems, so you can easily expand the bag's packaging capabilities. For this we also offer a wide range of accessories that can be attached to the MOLLE system.